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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing occurs at multiple levels in our project. 


We share our experience to raise awareness of the potential of the SMARTech Service, to demonstrate strategies for accessibility and social inclusion, and to guide users to useful materials to help them in their journey.  We also publish our findings to broaden the knowledge base regarding the effectiveness of these types of technology-based supports for older adults.  


Our project shares knowledge through socialization, including building informal and formal networks of lived experience and content experts across multiple sectors. We create spaces where people engage in unstructured and system-focused conversations. We hope this novel problem-solving effort and commitment to personalized care will encourage further creative problem-solving. 

Through our commercial partners, knowledge gained will be deliberately embedded in existing and future products and services, systematically integrating the a personalized response to the needs of older adults into proccesses and routines in Continuing Care. 


Our stories contribute to a growing community of research practice that formally recognizes the benefits of engaging older adults and their caregivers in the research process.

Technology-based Supports 

Information on items, equipment, software, product systems and related services that are used to support the health and quality of life of older adults or enable them to meaningfully participate in activities that are important to them.


Publications & Related Presentations

Find our peer-reviewed publications. We have included links in CV lists for your convenience so that you can access related presentations.

Moving Research to Practice

Find reports and infographics we developed to share the  findings from the SMARTech Project for the purpose of improving the lives of older adults.




Our Stories

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