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The SMARTech Project is a transdisciplinary collective that engages academic, community, and commercial partners, linking science and policy to address a real-world, complex problem.  Challenging our traditional boundaries, we are working together to redraw the map of what is possible through collaboration and shared problem-solving.  We work hard to value and listen to each other's perspectives, recognizing the inherent value in our diversity.


As a team, we recognize and embrace the complexity of the care participant experience and care environment; we wish to explore questions outside of our traditional disciplines for the greater good; and we believe in the power of new technologies in the service of humankind. We know that to realize benefit for others, we need the join together to harness the deep knowledge of our different disciplines and lived experiences.

Community Partner

Northwood Logo. Click here to visit Northwood's website.

Northwood is our Living Lab, acting as a user-centred, iterative, open-innovation ecosystem where we will integrate research findings and innovation processes. Together, older adults, experts in healthy aging, and specialist commercial partners explore opportunities for social, research and policy benefit, developing shared intellectual property and exploit changes in its use, management and employment.

Commercial Partners

Novalte's logo. Click here to visit Novalte's website.

Empowering clients to control their environment, Novalte integrates SMART technology into a single intuitive platform with a user interface best suited for the individual’s specific environment and needs.

Age Care Technologies (ACT) logo. Click here to visit the ACT website.

Through collecting information on intrinsic capacity, living environment and functional ability, Age Care Technologies® enables the care team to tailor interventions to match the true concerns and priorities of older adults, thereby improving wellbeing, independence social connection and healthy behaviours.

Think Research logo. Click here to visit the Think Research website.

Supporting the SMARTech Project with data analytics, Think Research is an industry leader in delivering knowledge-based digital healthcare software solutions. Our mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so everyone gets the best care. Using evidence-based software solutions that digitize healthcare systems, we support the clinical decision-making process, help standardize care, and improve patient outcomes.

Academic Partners

Dalhousie University logo. Click here to visit the Dalhousie website.

Led by Principal Investigator, Dr. Susan Kirkland, Dalhousie hosts this unique, interactive and collaborative environment for creating and sharing knowledge, supported by research funding from our sponsors.

UHN logo. Click here to visit the UHN website.

Dedicated to improving the lives of people living with the effects of disability, illness and aging, our qualitative researchers strive to gain a deep understanding of the experiences of our research participants so we can share an explicit rendering of the structure, order, and broad patterns in our findings.​​

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