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Health and Social Care Assessment

Using the ACT™ Assessment tool we created person-driven care planning processes, informed by research and clinical expertise, that highlight the possibilities that emerge in the moment for each research participant. The tool guides practitioners to create an authentic human encounter that fosters openness, collaboration, and strengthens the client-provider relationship. Each assessment begins by gaining broader understanding of each resident’s unique priorities and concerns.

The ACT™ Assessment focuses on 56 items, across 6 key domains, which have been identified as threats to health, independence and wellbeing and provides a holistic picture of health. The assessment enables research participants to define their specific needs and concerns and set goals based on their own individual priorities for health and wellbeing.


With the support of a rehabilitation professional, the older adult can map prioritized areas of concerns to available local resources and treatment options. Using an embedded algorithm, the tool also translates participant self-reported progress into a four item WISH Score (Wellbeing, Independence, Social Engagement, Healthy Behaviour) so participants can evaluate their self-reported progress over time.

Goals and needs may be as simple as "I don't feel good about how I look, I want to get a haircut." or "I'm feeling lonely and I miss my kids, I want to call them more often."

The Rehab Team meaningfully engages research participants, their families, friends and the care team to help the older adult to live their best life possible. Relationship-based care and a positive social environment better position and motivate participants to source the support, information and resources they need for healthy aging.  ​


Consistent re-assessment using the ACT™ Assessment method helps to generate unique data for policy-makers, commissioners and providers of products and services about the things which really matter to older people and the impact of interventions on individual and population health.

To learn more about Age Care Technologies®, or the ACT™ Assessment, visit their website!

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