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SMART Technology Solution

We combine off-the-shelf devices with Novalte's voice-activated technology to give older adults aging with or into disability the power to use the internet and control their environment. A managed system for independence, the Novalte solution removes barriers to use of SMART devices. By integrating technology into a single intuitive platform and daily life, Novalte optimizes the user-interface to match each individual's environment and needs. 

Off-The-Shelf SMART Devices

We use the Google Nest Hub Max as our voice-activated SMART speaker. Participants control their Novalte devices by speaking with the Google Assistant on the Nest Hub Max. With a powerful microphone and high-quality speakers, the Nest Hub Max enables older adults to enjoy music and audiobooks, to audio and video call family and friends, to use an electronic calendar, and to access online information of interest.


Northwood manages this solution within a protected network to simplify system use, minimize risk, and address access participant barriers and concerns. With technology integrated into daily life and care routines, frail older adults can now independently maintain safe social connections with family and friends. Empowered by assistive technology, participants can now expand their support network and access the online information and support they believe is important for their health and well-being.

To learn more about the Google Nest Hub Max, click the triangle below to visit their website!

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The Novalte Solution

Novalte founder, Micheal Cullen, dreamed of  bringing asssitive technology to his disabled clients in hospital at a reasonable cost. A Rehabilitation Engineer by trade, Michael was acutely aware of the significant cost and challenges his clients faced to hold on to their dignity and to gain community-based independence in the face of disability. 

Over the next decade, Michael collaborated with potential users to build the Emitto Hub and a suite of SMART devices focused on their priorities for independence. His clients now speak to a virtual assistant that users aptly call, "Helping Hand".  To keep costs reasonable, the Novalte platform prioritized retrofit of existing equipment and connection to off-the shelf items. Helping Hand now does the heavy work, automating beds and doors, and connecting to SMART devices that assist users to independently manage preferred entertainment options, environmental controls (such as air conditioning and lighting), and communication with family and friends.

To learn more about Novalte and the Emitto Hub, visit their website!

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